In order that a visitor might use in a tentative way, I prepared the sample offer offer article (onerous).
* After using it in a sample offer offer article, about continuation acquisition of adoption goods, I will hold introduction and a consultation of the offer channel to a visitor by our company.
Air-conditioner piping makeup cover RA free line (RA-F 1-1700) 1 / 10 scale model
I offer color tone 18 color gratuitously.
Installation plinth for apparatus installation Allowed to offer one set for counter value as an object for RA flat pro's shop front exhibition (F type +M type)
Air-conditioner  metallic ornaments Product made from stainless steel (SUS304) The large cost cut product (Dunking bar one apparatus) was sold to RA SUS 2x2. <Order-received production article>
4 Overseas patents / 71 Domestic patent /4 Industrial new design/15 Registration of a design/6 Trademark registration Under application
Adoption construction of the grating buckle (connection fixed metallic ornaments) was carried out in the Osaka Ports and Harbors Bureau.< Order-received production article >
Yoshifumi Tsukuda andCommon plan photo exhibition.
Please appreciate "Collection of phantom style part1 25 works" PHOTO MUSEUM.

Our authorized exporter is as the following and please kindly contact direct.

Name of Company: DAI-ICHI Trading Co.,LTD
Charge: Mr.Hata
Address: 211 2-11 4-chome toyosaki kita-ku Osaka 531-0072 Japan
Telephone No. : (06)6373-9441
Fax No. : (06)6373-9440

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I yield a work to those who wish. 750x900 size is 100000 yen.
Whole space of a newspaper (425x530) size is 50,000 yen.